Twitters new character limit and what that means for social creativity.



Unless you've been living under a rock this week, or have managed to stop looking at social media for the sake of your sanity, you may have noticed some tweets are now longer. Like..a lot longer. Twitter has increased its character limit from the 140 characters we have all been used to— to 280.

This is a game changer for the platform and its users. Where it previously only took 140 characters to send off a sassy tweet or viral thought, the short character limit forced you to be creative. With the increased space it seems many are trying to find things to fill it up with. Remember— it's a limit, not a quota.  

It still holds true that if you can make your point with the least amount of characters, that is probably your safest bet.

Another thought that crosses minds it that while Twitter has made this change to their character limit (to the delight of some) the company has made no strides when it comes to online harassment. Now, the online bullies will have 140 MORE characters to tell you how much you need to leave the internet. 

Right now the new character limit is in its trial phase. According to this blog post the change was made in order to make it easier for English speaking tweeters to get their thoughts out without having to condense it. We've all had a moment or two where we've used U instead of you (and never got to hear the end of it.) 

If you've ever read Biz Stone's (the creator of Twitter) book Things A Little Bird Told Me then you'd know that 140 characters was just a wild number picked based on the 160 character SMS message limit. At this time we don't know when or even IF there will be a rollout of the expanded tweets to everyone, but with the way social media changes we'd bet that you'll be flexing your twitter fingers sometime soon. We can only hope President Trump never gets approved.