Amazon Selling: Successfully Market a Fulfilled by Amazon Business


How To Successfully Market Your Fulfilled by Amazon Business

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There are always two sides to digital marketing. Side 1 is the marketer and side 2 being the client. Logically you can't have one without the other (queue Married with Children theme song). New business are popping up every day thanks to creative minds and people that believe in their dreams. Recently, I have worked with a client who started his entrepreneurship journey with a Fulfilled by Amazon business, McKenna & Sons, selling beer accessories such as bottle openers and boozy popsicle molds. If you're a beer snob you should follow them on Facebook, or check our their Amazon store.

As an entrepreneur myself, I take pride in helping small businesses and start-ups grow their audience and ultimately increase their sales. There is no one size fits all program when it comes to digital marketing, every niche has its own audience and every audience likes to be reached a different way. 

Marketing a Fulfilled by Amazon business is no different. Amazon makes it easy to set up an account, but your success is dependent upon you, or- your marketer. The model of an FBA business is you purchase inventory which is then shipped out by Amazon. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. 

Things to consider:

1. Market Saturation:

While you may have a great idea for a product, it's possible that many others have too. With services such as Alibaba or other wholesale retailers, it is much easier to buy a product in bulk at a low rate. The problem occurs when the market has been saturated and in order to beat out competition you have to lower your rates which no longer bring you a profit. Or you sit on inventory which is wasted money. Niche products tend to do well because Amazon is not likely to sell their own niche products, so you won't be competing with them. Do extensive research on the product you plan to sell, and sell something you're actually interested in- not just something to make money. 

2. You Don't Own Amazon.Com

Without having a dedicated website or store for your product there is no way to get analytics data that helps you break down where your traffic comes from. This data is imperative when it comes to understanding user statistics. With a properly seo'd website and Google Analytics integration you are able to see where in the buying process you may lose potential customers, not only that but proper analytics provides you with demographic breakdowns that help you further understand you client base. Because of this, many people who sell with Fulfilled by Amazon services usually have a dedicated website such as Shopify, Wordpress, or Squarespace to send customers to. If you lack a dedicated website, you may be losing authority when posting to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. If it is within your budget it is a wise decision to hire a web designer to give you a better internet presence. 

3. Building An Audience Is Hard Work

It takes time, and often money to build an audience from zero. With Amazon, shoppers typically know what they are looking for when they visit the site, so you have to set your product apart from the 1000+ results of "rainbow slippers" that may arise. This is where building a dedicated audience comes in handy. If you have the trust of your buyers they are often willing to spend an extra few dollars on your product than going for a cheaper option. Social media is a great way to expand your audience. You don't simply have to rely on buyers in the intent stage, you can catch them while they're scrolling their news feed, with proper copy and photos you may trigger a need for a potential company. If you don't have the time to do it yourself (as many business owners don't) hiring a Social Media Marketer is your best bet. They can set up campaigns for you, interact with your target audience, and give a personal feel to your brand. 

In the case of McKenna & Sons I was able to more than double their sales in less than 2 months incorporating social media marketing, paid advertising, and optimization of their Fulfilled by Amazon listings. 

Having a store without having a website can be hard, especially when you're not selling your own goods. You risk quality problems, unexpectant shipping fees, and having more product than you can move. However, if you plan out your FBA business you've primed yourself for success. Remember, that success won't come overnight (in most cases) you've got to put in the work and cover all of your basis. Syrup & Honey Marketing can help you take your business from idea to profit.