Creatively Stuck

Finding inspiration seems to be the hardest struggle for a budding graphic designer, and I'd assume the seasoned pro's struggle with this from time to time. With the internet being readily available to most people, giving us access to anything we could dream of- and some we never, ever, wished we did- it's hard to fathom that there could be an "inspiration block" when it comes to creating. Alas, here we are. 

Sometimes too much information creates sensory overload and you just don't know where to start. When I'm looking for design inspiration on a certain project I like to break it down in sections and go from there to see where to start. Am I looking for packaging ideas, illustration, typography? Rest assured, whatever it is that you're looking for someone else has too.

Here's a curated list of my favorite places to get the creative juices flowing:

The Die Line
A showcase of amazing branding and packaging by both professional and student graphic designers.

Graphic Burger
Whatever it is you're looking for, from packaging mock-ups to tutorials on how to create beautiful valentines day cards, Graphic Burger probably has it...and for free, too. 

You ever just want to be flooded with beautiful things? Pinterest is the place to go. You can search for specifics, create vision/inspiration boards, and follow other boards.

If you're not much for learning by reading, YouTube offers videos created by professionals, amateurs and everyone in between. Simply type in what you're looking for and youtube is sure to have a video for you that matches your skill level.