The SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Google search engines have started to prioritize mobile optimized websites over non-mobile. If your website visitors don't have a pleasurable experience while browsing from their phone, it's likely your business will stop showing up in search results for mobile users. The question is no longer whether you should create a site optimized for mobile users, but what is the best approach. 

5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes That Can Leave Your Business Stagnant

As you may have heard before in regards to SEO: content is king. While this may not be as true today as it was a year or two ago, content still plays a huge factor in your websites search engine rankings. But it's not just the content that matters, it's what you do with those words, from marketing to keyword placement. It's easy to get caught up in just trying to get something on the web page for launch time that simple things get overlooked. These little mistakes could be what's standing between your brand and page 1