When's The Last Time You Looked At Pg. 2?

80% of online searchers never make it past the first page of results.
Hire a digital marketer skilled in SEO to get you to the top.

Syrup & Honey digital marketing services provide you with measurable results in online advertising for less than the cost of traditional marketing. Give your small business or startup the opportunity to earn qualified leads in El Paso and increase your sales with strategic online marketing strategies.

Instead of hiring a big digital agency where your business will get lost in the shuffle, trust your El Paso small business in the hands of a Google certified freelancer. A freelance digital marketer has the time to focus directly on your account. Your paid dollars will go directly to your SEO efforts and digital marketing services instead of having to pay overhead fees for a digital marketing agency or an SEO consultancy company in El Paso. 

If you're interested in:

  • Increasing your business revenue
  • Amplifying word of mouth
  • Gaining more qualified leads
  • Working with a digital marketer who focuses on your business, not just your payment.

Find out just how simple this can be with a FREE consultation to measure your current digital marketing efforts and analyze any pain points to come up with a plan for improvement. 



Social Media Management

Boost your brand awareness where it matters most. 46% of consumers use social media to influence buying decisions. Tap into that niche with an engaging social media account. We handle account creation on several different social media sites. If you want to get noticed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, investing in social media marketing is the wise thing to do. 

Search Engine Optimization

Beat out the competition in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing searches with a personalized SEO strategy. Let us handle your keyword analysis and implementation, content creation, and lead generation.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Do you want results for your business faster than can be given with organic marketing? PPC helps shoot you to the top of search engines. Highly targeted ad placements give you the opportunity to reach the right customer for the lowest cost. Target customers with near hair-pin accuracy with paid advertising.  

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